[DONE] Threads in Comments

Michael, really glad to hear about this. Just wanted to emphasize this from @Oshyan

This is a real pain point for me as well. I would like to vote for the ctrl+return as the primary method for committing the comments from the keyboard. To give some context, I really like the way ClickUp handles this, they give you a choice:

Thanks again!


Agree, I often use carriage returns in comments, so Ctrl+Enter would be my preference for committing the comment as well.

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Hey, great thanks for reaffirming. Hoping this will come back when the Notifications next version comes along in not too long - I can wait a couple of months knowing that many of these features are pending…

And incidentally I had to edit this as I just posted through Discourse here by typing “ctrl” + “enter” on my keyboard :slight_smile:

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I’m used to relying on soft-return (Shift+Enter) in places where Enter commits.

I can see how this shortcut may be handy, and I too would agree on Ctrl+Enter as a shortcut to commit anything.


Great Haslien to see we are on the same page on this one, thanks!

…as I got to click Ctrl+Enter and post this…

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This is amazing…So I just hit “ctrl” + “return” out of habit when making a comment, and voila, it committed!

Screen Recording 2020-11-06 at 11.46.06 PM.gif

Obviously you can’t see in that screenshot what I’m doing on my keyboard…but this is amazing, you guys @mdubakov are both listening and moving amazingly quickly!

@Oshyan @Haslien & co. is this working for you guys? (when you get a chance…)


Yyyyep! Hah. So, like this:

It happens between release announcements, and those of us that discover it get to enjoy it a bit early. :smile:

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Yes, very cool! And great that the team got to this so quickly! My group has really been getting into comments, so huge help for us!

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They’re a good team. They just have a lot of awesome stuff to do and only so much time to do it. :smile: But so far, so good (even if I don’t care much about integrations so far :laughing:).

I wanted to bump this up. I am really missing this as we use comments more and more as my team continues to get into Fibery. The only way to right now effectively show you are responding to somebody is very laborious:

  • Copy text from the comment you want to respond to
  • Format it with “quotes” in your response to that person
  • Spend time fiddling with the formatting because quotes will take over entire groups of text, and I can’t figure out the logic. At times if I try to “hard return” on the next line to get out of the quotes formatting, that doesn’t work. Almost appears there is a bug here…
  • Think through do you want to repeat references if they are in the text you are trying to quote. This happens to us a lot. So if you copy the text from a colleague, you will get a double reference if he/she also had a reference in the copied text. Most of the time you don’t want the reference 2x, but there is no way around this other than deleting it, and then you lose part of the text you are trying to quote.

Again as I said at the start of this post, we had threads in Fibery before and they were useful, and really disappointing it is taking so long to bring them back.

I will also add that what would be even better is the ability to highlight text and then get the option to “quote” it in a new response. Something you can do here in Discourse, in Wrike, ClickUp, etc. - a host of other apps. I’m going to create a separate request for that because it’s a good functionality @Oshyan has also talked about with me. Here it is:


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@Chr1sG old but still relevant topic. Do you have any news?

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I’m afraid not, sorry.

Sorry to hear that, but I feel there is some good discussion going on around the entire subject of communication in Fibery, so hopefully we’ll get some news sooner than later!!

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Hi Fibery Team,

I have been looking for previous posts around this topic and i found this.

Any chance of this feature being implemented in the near future?



Yes, still hoping to see improvements in comments/communication like this soon!

Hey everyone, it would be fantastic if we could have threaded comments that are organized based on replies. Currently, we can only use mentions, which makes it difficult to identify conversations. Additionally, having the ability to react with emojis would be a great addition.

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Released as experimental feature, you may try it already.

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Re-implemented and released fully in today’s release