Product Team Workspace

We refreshed the Product management solution. We will continuously update it with our latest features in the coming months. While we embrace flexibility and allow you to define processes as you like, we wanted to provide you with the best of what Fibery offers for product management processes today.
We look forward to hearing your feedback. The template helps you achieve an uninterrupted workflow from feedback management to release.

Use this template if you’d like to:

Evaluate what to work on next by considering different prioritization methods (RICE, Value/Effort, MoSCoW, number of feedback references). While we recommend using one of these options, you can freely modify, remove, or replace them with new ones to suit your specific needs.

Capture feedback from various sources and link it to any entities in your product hierarchy. Pro tip: Let Fibery AI create a summary automatically.

Manage your interviews, personas, and other user research jobs.

Visualize your roadmap in different views, whichever helps you the most in making your stakeholders understand what you will work on.

Use built-in automation like generating release notes with one click.

Write stunning PRDs and link relevant feedback to them.

Share a public roadmap with your customers and connect it with Discourse to collect feedback.

Try it now: Product Management — Fibery
and give feedback here.


Wow, the Release Board looks amazing. Awesome job!

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In case you hadn’t discovered it, the existing board view already supports adding cover images to cards:

That’s what makes the release board look cool IMHO :slight_smile:


Didn’t know this! Would be even nicer if we had the possibility to show images in whiteboards:

Then we can really make some cool stuff visually

I didn’t. Thanks a ton for letting me know. I think whiteboard/canvas is an area that can continue to evolve and set Fibery apart. Thanks!

But you know, one more thing. I also think this looks amazing from the picture above:


How is this done?!?

Thanks for the feedback.
Noted and backlogged.

This is a small trick: we use emojis in the single select field.


An actual “count”/“progress” type of field would be very nice…

Please explain where you would like to see it.

It’s basically just a visual way to represent things like Project Progress (already present in default Fibery project template). Rather than (or in addition to) showing e.g. 20%, it could show 1 of 5 dots. Ideally it would just be an optional way to represent any numerical field (if possible), so it could work with formulas, etc. Multiple types of display configurations would be great too, e.g. a progress line (line fills up as number gets to goal/max), a clock/pie display, the “dots” as shown above, etc. This is not a huge need, to be sure, but I do think Fibery would benefit from things that make it more visual and “flashy”. And lots of other tools have this kind of thing, e.g.:


Oh yes, this is something that we plan to do for a while.