Tell us what templates you want 😁

We recognise that it isn’t always easy to figure out how to set up Fibery to work the way you need it to :woman_shrugging:
That’s why we have the pre-defined templates for you to use and be inspired by :mechanical_arm: :muscle:

Of course, there may not be a template that is quite what you’re looking for :mag_right:
Since we’re always looking for ways to ensure that people are getting the best out of their Fibery usage, we want you to tell us what you’re missing.

Reply to this post with your suggestions for what template(s) you’d like to see added to the gallery. We have our own ideas about ones we could provide, but it’s better that we ask you folks to steer us in the right direction :blue_car:

So please suggest a template you’d like to see (include enough info for other people to understand what it should be able to do) and when we’ve collected some responses, we’ll start running a poll to see which ones are the most popular :bar_chart:

We’ll do our best to provide templates to meet the demand :construction_worker_man: and as a thank you, we’ll maybe include an Easter egg :egg: for the person who first suggested the idea.


Product Matrix

This app will make mapping out the product I’m building, and planning features much easier.
Rows are features/areas in the product, while columns are domains in the product.

Whenever we plan a new feature, we add it as a row, and tick off the domains we think it interacts with. This helps us to spot contradictions or gaps in advance.


Two that I think would be both useful and popular (i.e. might get Fibery some buzz/traffic) would be:

1. Product/Market Fit Analysis

An implementation of the Product/Market Fit evaluation/analysis from Superhuman, which is now widely used by many startups. Coda version and link to article that describes it here:

I have already talked to @Chr1sG about this one and had planned to implement myself, but haven’t had time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But it is definitely popular right now, and could get some more startups into the fold if Fibery had a competing out-of-the-box implementation to Coda.

2. Work Prioritization Models (multiple)

Implementations of popular development prioritization strategies, e.g. RICE, etc. I know some of this already exists, but it would be nice to have multiple different ones, and ideally as stand-alone as possible (i.e. with the greatest possible capability to integrate to existing company setups). An existing product that focuses entirely on this, and costs a fair bit on its own given it doesn’t have full task management, etc. (it integrates with Jira, ClickUp, etc. for that) is Ducalis:

At the least that is a good overview of the most well-known strategies, although not ranked by popularity/importance (which you’d probably want to do, to avoid having to implement them all). Not all would necessarily be easy to implement, either, e.g. Fibery doesn’t have a “quadrant” view yet (though a Graph view might work?), so doing an Eisenhower-like approach might be challenging.

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I would like to have a template for group of fields and formulas for PERT planning.
From practice, you need inputs for optimistic, pessimistic, most likely time and output for 95th percentile expected time from it. It would be perfect if these all together can be styled as single control rather than a long group of fields.