Product Launches ala Google - Fibery vs. Coda, and how Fibery's better

I saw this recently posted by Coda:

It’s about how Google’s famous “LaunchCal” approach to product launches can be replicated in Coda. The maker goes on to show sections for Launch Progress, Release Notes, and Retrospectives.

I haven’t delved into this deeply, but with a quick glance I could see numerous ways Fibery can do this significantly better than Coda. I was hoping the community might help me expand that comparison and highlight Fibery’s benefits.

And generally the topic of quick, effective Product Launches is intriguing to me, and I would hope to see more from the Fibery team on how Fibery can be leveraged this way. I have some of my own ideas, but curious how the “source” would approach it. @mdubakov and @Polina_Zenevich, perhaps you could take this for a whirl?

Hope this is interesting. Thanks!


I am definitely curious to see how the Fibery team would approach creating something like this. At first glance I see nothing that couldn’t really be done with Fibery, but it actually seems a bit more “slick” and integrated in Coda than I can imagine it in Fibery, particularly with buttons, embeds, etc. Ultimately they’re minor things vs. core capability, but that’s just what I notice on first watching the video. I haven’t explored Google’s LaunchCal model enough to have deeper thoughts than that really. But again curious how others might approach this in Fibery.

From what I see you can build a very similar setup in Fibery. Action Buttons release that is coming will handle all the cases demonstrated here as well with Steps templates and Documents templates (like PR for example). Obviously, all the views demonstrated here are also possible to create, so in a nutshell you can build same thing. Not sure about slickness, since you can compare it only in real-life scenarios with complete flows.

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@Oshyan I’ve assembled the solution in Fibery in 30 mins. Note that Create Document action does not work so far, we have a bug here. But all the other things work fine :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting that together, it is about as I would envision it, and works fairly well indeed. I cannot wait for this more complete Actions capability! Looks great.

We are polishing it and writing docs, it will be released really soon.

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