My two cents on Fibery's focus / market placement for product development

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I understand Fibery might have felt not “Niche” enough so it was decided to cater to a more specific market. However, I can imagine that if 4 years ago I would have landed on today’s Fibery frontpage, I might not have considered it for my use case. I’m reading most of the Community posts and don’t get the impression that Product Development is the main use for Fibery (of course you have real data to this), but everyone has his own kind of use and Fibery is powerful and flexible enough to cater to all of us, even though we all do different things.

Yes, Fibery, especially now with AI functionalities in Documents and Automations,
seems to be great for managing product development and feedback. But the great thing about Fibery to me was the the powerful functionalities coupled with its flexibility, and being able to built a workspace with workflows and knowledge management space for my Team and facilitate our work, moving from managing many things in scattered Excel files to a central, single-source-of-truth database which I can adjust to our processes, and not the other way.
In my opinion this aspect should not be completely disregarded on the frontpage and the general marketing strategy. /rant off


Might be worth taking at look at this other thread where a lot of people’s similar feelings on the subject came out: May 9, 2024 / Smart Sections and 15 quality-of-life updates

I can tell you that if I landed on the current version of Fibery’s homepage when I was looking for solutions last year, I wouldn’t have even tried it as it is hyper specific and really undersells what makes Fibery special.

Here’s a screenshot of a presentation I gave to my organization in December when I announced I had found an awesome tool that was perfectly aligned with what we had needed for a very long time. The response from everyone was overwhelmingly positive and exciting at the time because it resonated so perfectly with the painpoints we were having.


The same here, I wouldn’t use Fibery with that pitch. I understand they want to focus on a use case and avoid fighting against monsters like Atlassian. Still, I’m unsure if many companies are looking for a tool like that and, if the people in charge of user research are “techie” enough to use it as expected.

Also, look at what happened with Figma. Designers are a small group inside companies, so now they are trying to focus on the “developer” seats so more people in the company use Figma.

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Not sure if that’s a thing but if it is, Fibery should head on the monsters straight on, the direct comparison (maybe even semi-aggressive marketing like the Fibery vs XY comparison posts → why I don’t believe Fibery is avoiding anyone) would probably make more people try Fibery, and it’s certainly a good enough product that it would retain some.

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