Fibery for Product Teams

About a year ago we released Fibery 1.0. It was a generic release, and we learned where Fibery really helps companies and where it doesn’t. We discovered that Fibery works great for small and medium product companies and connects several processes together. So we focused on exactly that and now I’m happy to introduce Fibery for Product teams release. It’s a connected workspace that unites all important product development processes together:

  • User Research to conduct interviews, identify pain points, and find out why your latest glorious idea won’t work.
  • Ideation to write insightful documents and create beautiful diagrams.
  • Strategic planning, roadmapping, and backlog management to keep everything on track.
  • Software Development to not use JIRA.
  • Customer Feedback aggregation to improve the product, and turn each release day into Boxing Day for your customers.

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