Nov 9, 2023 / 🎤 Thread View (experimental), Grid View improvements

:microphone: Thread View (very experimental, emulates Slack channels)

Thread View is a View that shows Comments from a single Entity. This is as close to Chat as we can get :sweat_smile:. For example, it can show comments from specific Feature, or Account, or Channel. Just remember that every message in Thread View is a Comment, and you may invent some specific use cases.

Thread View is an early experiment to explore how Fibery can enhance communications and replace chats in some use cases. Navigate to Settings → Experimental Lab and enable Thread Views. There is absolutely no guarantee we will keep this feature in production and improve it. We will collect your feedback and decide.

Here is the video that shows Thread View in action for our team daily updates.

Check Thread View user guide, try it and provide your feedback.

Grid View improvements & bug fixes

Grid View is quite close to official release and full Table View replacement. We still have ~20 bugs to fix and small improvements to add, but it seems in two weeks we will release it and replace the current Table View.

Here are some fresh improvements:

  • You can embed Grid View into rich text field and documents now
  • Copy/Paste content in Grid View works now
  • Rows in grid stays selected on unfocus

Add and Edit Fields in popover always

For a consistent UX, we always create and edit Fields using a popover. Popover has a decent width that we control, doesn’t prevent user from scrolling, neither vertically nor horizontally, so Creator is free to explore the surroundings.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Text selection does not work for embeded feed
  • When I Unwatch entity manually, it should never be Watched again via automation rule
  • No tooltip appears if hover on Comment button in entity header
  • Discourse sync: cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined for instances with disabled Tags
  • Document connection is stuck and doesn’t restore

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Sorry, this thing from the future :wink:

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not really smooth as current table view
I just tested it yesterday, it was overlap the 1st entity when I tried to paste mass note from google keep to grid view and I lost several entities last night
But i think it’s good to know that, it can be completed in next 2 weeks, really appreciate the effort of all teams to try to pleasure all requests

A small details: Can we move Favorite and My space from left sidebar pinned like current Thread option under setting. It’s really convinient when hotkey or shortcut’s limited at current


Just tried it briefly to see how we could replace Slack in some instances.

Our use case

As a digital agency, we work with a lot of clients. In Slack, we have a separate channel for each client. We try to do as much as possible in Fibery and keep broader discussions in Slack.

If we would have the broader discussions in Fibery instead, we would like to have a context-filtered view in a Smart Folder for each Client. This would sit along other views that collect Projects/Tasks/Meetings/Reports that are Client-specific at the moment.

I’ve actually added a Comments field to the Client entity expecting it to show up in the Thread view within a Client Smart Folder. This way, we would only have to add a view to a Client Smart Folder, add Comments to the Client entity and have Threads automatically for each Client (one can dream at least :))

Overall I say it looks promising for our needs! It would be very nice if we could keep everything documented/discussed in Fibery to get away from context-switching between Slack/Fibery.

To summarize:

  1. It would be nice to have the Threads view automatically pickup the entity in a Smart Folder
  2. It would be nice if the pinned Threads view was filterable (I see you’ve already mentioned this in the user guide)

p.s. I think it would be very difficult to replace Slack for us in its entirety since a lot of our clients have “schelling pointed” towards it. But it would still add a lot of value even if it didn’t replace it completely (or had the ambition to).

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Again a great update to an already great product. Threads are amazing and adoption will be high I guess… Only thing that would keep me from using it more is the lack of a mobile app or easy integration.

I am not sitting at my computer all day as I am a lot hopping from meetings and events. So having a way to easily communicate is key. I use slack and beeper mainly. But I would love to get rid of slack as the User-Interface is something that really is not my favorite and the added cost is also something that we would like to reduce.

What are the plans about that ordo you have workarounds to make the mobile chat experience better (in future updates)


Threads: how are you implementing DMs into this system, when you voted slack completely out? Adding a comments section to the user would be my first idea - but all of that conversations then would be visible to all, correct?


We didn’t move all comms to Fibery. We just moved our practice of posting daily updates (which everyone gets to see).
So indeed, direct messaging (i.e. private communication) is not supported with the current threads capability

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I really love the Threads and it opens plenty of use-cases I think.
Just a question regarding the Threads notification folder in the upper left: what are the Thread views it will contain for each user? All the views from all the spaces? Only the views created by the user plus the ones he participated in? What about thread views created in the Personal space, how does it work?

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It should respect permissions. So if a user does not have access to a space where this Thread View is created, the user should not see it in Threads folder.

Threads folders has ALL thread views that you have access to. For example, if you have access to Space A and there are 10 thread views in this space, you will see all 10 in Threads filder.

Not sure about My Space, but why you need it, my space is for a solo user :slight_smile:


Awesome release :star_struck: so far we really love the thread view :grin:


Does this mean that all old table views will automatically be replaced by new table view as well?

Love this feature! Will definitely test this internally.

It would just be very nice if the thread replies wouldn’t open in a new window, but the same way as the regular comments, with an uncollapse. Like this:


Also I wouldn’t call it threads, but channels instead. For instance hierarchically speaking Slack would be: Channels > Thread > Reply. Now you are making it: Threads > Thread > Reply.

Also I had some difficulty even creating a threads, because I would expect a simple “add thread” button, which there is:


But then I have to link it not to a space, not to a database, not to a view, but to an entity. Which was a bit difficult to figure out, not very intuitive. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if it’s just “add thread” button, I click, and it’s there linked to the space? Or not even linked, just free floating, not linked to any space, just a separate thing altogether that lives (sorta like a view) within a space.

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I love where this is going!
Just need to tweak the UI - because always opening sub-comments in the right panel is awkward, especially since it doesn’t work that way in entity views.

Can we have Comments in every View? Please?? :star_struck:
I would not mind if those open in a panel :grin:


Yes, with the official release. We have some missing pieces to add (checkboxes, etc) and ~20 bugs to fix now.


I’ve discovered an interesting way to work with Threads. When brainstorming is contained within a task(entity), establishing a ‘Thread’ can help organize the discussion efficiently. This approach enhances focus for the following reasons:

  1. If notes within the ‘Thread’ are not converted into tasks, sprints, or projects, they will disappear. This is because the task has a deadline that must not be postponed.

Discussing matters in regular ‘perpetual’ chats often leads to the temptation to defer decision-making.

As a result, we create a chat with a finite lifespan.
+1 to focus.

  1. On the other hand, a ‘Thread’ alleviates the psychological pressure often referred to as ‘needing to distribute all ideas in the chat.’ This is because ideas that are not acted upon are discarded due to the task’s deadline, which cannot be extended to tomorrow.

+1 to mental clarity.

Such a psychological trick improves productivity in brainstorming sessions and overall task focus.

The key is to embrace the idea that the deadlines for such tasks are immovable. :sunglasses:


Some thread feedback
Currently threads open in a left panel.

When I open 3 threads, I have three panels. That feels a bit counterintuitive (but I don’t know what you guys think of this?). We often ‘just want to check the threads’.

We prefer that we can switch between threads easily without having to close them.

Would be also awesome if we can see next to ‘Threads’ the total amount of open messages. Currently you’ll only see this while expanding the threads. But since that can take a lot of space we often collapse the ‘thread menu’.