Search should include the option to return mentioned entities in the results

Indeed, this sounds like it might be a useful feature.
The search function is something that has quite a few feature requests associated with it, and this should probably be added to the list.
I will spawn this as a new request.

Perhaps we need a new tag for “search”! I agree, search is foundational to long-term sustainability of the system.

Just for context (and because this was forked off my thread) I’d like to mention that although I’ve created quite a complex (and very useful) hierarchy of Goals, Milestones, Projects, Epics, Tasks, Tags, Products, Organizations and People (and am still likely to add more Databases and relations), the more I use my workspace, the more I find I’m just relying on Search as the starting point: it’s always much quicker and easier to hit Command-K and type a keyword or two, to jump directly to the relevant Task, Epic, Project, etc. than it is to navigate to the appropriate View, then find the appropriate entity within the View. Also when I create new Tasks (or other entities), it’s again so much easier to just type Command-K and then type the name, click on the Database type and hit return to create it, than it would be to navigate to a View and find the appropriate ‘New’ button to click on.

The other hugely powerful feature is References: particularly the ‘#foo’ type, because I can create them easily without lifting my fingers from the keyboard, and they provide a fantastic way to find content/entities later: the reason I created this current ask (make References searchable by name, rather than ignored) is because I had realized that I could rely on either one of these 2 amazing features (Command-K for Search/Create, and References) but not both: such a shock! Happily the workaround (creating a duplicate of the rich text field with all References explicitly replaced by their names) solves the problem, but it’s a bandaid because it requires executing an action every time I change the rich text field, and replicating the script in every Database that has a rich text field. So I very much hope this feature gets approved and implemented!

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I’m in favor of as much specificity of search as possible. References are a a big one. I also think this relates to Search in Notifications because that’s where entities get frequently mentioned - if you need a fellow user to look at something. I hope all this is built soon!