[DONE] In Search, allow for seeing a long list of one Database type

I wanted to request one feature of search that I don’t think is possible right now, and would greatly help my team day-to-day.

Right now, if you click in the search box one of the databases in your instance:

You will only see a short list of “recent” results in that db. There is no info as to how “recent” those results are - were they viewed a week ago, a month ago?

The thing is, these lists are short, and usually when I click one of those database types, I only get a few of these “recent” results. This is usually not useful because when I click a database type to search on, I would like to see as many of those entities in that db as I can, at least the whole page of search results extending down the window.

I understand that there may be some desire in the design of search to prevent just displaying an entire db’s worth of entities if there are 1000’s of them in a db. On the other hand, the way it is set up now is pretty useless if I want to quickly search for say “tasks.” I’m bringing this up because a few people on my team intuitively search this way.

There is very closely related to @Matt_Blais 's great post here

which I think entail many distinct features, all needed, and I’m adding another one now with this request.

Thanks for the consideration!

Implemented in recent release via endless scroll