[FIXED] Limited number of search results causes missing results

I don’t know what’s going on here, previously Fibery search has seemed mostly great I think, but I just ran across an issue where some entities are very clearly not showing up in a search that should show them. I type some words that are most definitely in the title of the Entity in question, there are many other entities that also match this, but that should be fine, I can scroll to my results, right? No, they are not in the list, and the list ends before showing all results I know to exist. In this case it appears there are only 60 total results.

Comparing to a Table showing a Filtered view with the same “search” (filter) criteria (text match in Name field), the results are shown correctly there. There are 131 total matching entities.

Re-testing with a different search term I see the same problem but, if my count is correct, I get a different (larger, ~70-80) number of search results, and still far below the 186 total that I should be seeing (as shown in a filtered table view).

Interestingly the Search also shows all same-named entities together, but the Table shows them interleaved. The Table does not have a Sort applied. Different default sorting (by name vs. by date?), I guess. Is this documented somewhere?

Fixed in the latest release, now you can scroll till browser hangs

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Hooray, thank you!

This is all I’ve ever wanted :laughing:

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