[✅FIXED] Search Function Seemingly Inoperable; Total Work Disruption

I virtually never post in this forum, but given the gravity of the situation (and having not yet heard back via chat), I’m posting here with the hope that someone might have some information. As of late last night, search functionality has been rendered totally non-existent. Search queries not only fail to return results based on indexed text found in an entity’s document (rich-text) field but, worse than that, they fail to return any results based on text in the entity name itself.

Has anyone else experienced this issue over the past several hours?

Can anyone explain its cause?

When will the search function be restored?

Since implementation of robust indexing several weeks ago, I have come to rely on the search function constantly — from simple searches using the search UI, to the pop-up search UI used when locating an already existing entity to link as a “reference” — in my work using Fibery. Loss of search functionality renders my ability to utilize Fibery virtually impossible. It constitutes such an existential disruption to my ability to use Fibery that I respectfully suggest that if it is to be taken offline due to a planned outtage it truly should be warned of in advance. I don’t know if that was the case here, but if it was then i respectfully urge that such measures be taken for any future such outtage.

In any event, any information or thoughts would be appreciated, and thank you!

Just posting for the benefit of others - not sure what caused the problem, but it seemed to be resolved by re-indexing.
This is how to trigger a re-indexing in general:


Thanks again so very much to you and the Fibery developer for working at this late (early?) hour to resolve this issue for me! It is truly appreciated! I was also just about to update this post to indicate its resolution, but you’ve beaten me to it! Thanks again and take good care!