[FIXED] Narrow texts in entity search pop-up make correct selection difficult

I am finding it increasingly difficult to select the right entities in the search pop-up from hashtag shortcut since my entity names are often long. Obviously I could change how I name entities, but this seems needlessly restrictive. The pop-up would ideally be wider, though obviously this needs to be balanced against not covering too much of the screen and existing text. Here is an example of where it’s an issue:

The full title of the entity I want to link to is “Family Meeting w/Ken+Barry+Doug 10/19/2020”. But there’s now way to determine which of the 3 results it is.

You can also see that even for Types the text is very cut-off. Granted I know what most of those types are just from the first few letters and color, but you can see the “Incom…” items would be hard to differentiate for example. And colors can only go so far in allowing you to differentiate on sight. At a certain point there are too many to memorize. :wink:


By the way, I know I could have a Type for meetings, and we’re considering doing that. But this comes up in lots of other cases too. :smile:

I agree with this too. I find the “cutting off” of text around Fibery something that is problematic, and I’d wish would be prioritized to be fixed. Here’s another example:

We’ll fix this, it’s a bug