[FIXED] @mention in comments creating two notifications

Hi guys, just noticed today that when getting notifications, we have a series of them that are from @mentions in comments. But each time a user is @mentioned in a comment, two notifications are generated. Both notifications, when you click them, direct (with the yellow highlight in the destination entity) to the same comment.

This is creating an overload of notifications. Could you advise is this a bug?

Wanted to ask for an update on this.

In most every other Fibery competitor I’ve used, you do not get two notifications if you @mention a user in a comment. After analyzing this behavior for months, what I’m guessing is happening is Fibery is set up to inform you with a notification if there is a comment on an entity you are assigned to. Further, it also notifies you if you are @mentioned. What doesn’t appear to be built into the code is that if there is an instance of both, you only get one notification. I’d love for somebody at Fibery to actually respond to this and confirm is this the case, and do you guys have plans to fix this?

Michael just blogged here that:

This issue with @mention in notifications is a huge annoyance in daily use of Fibery for communication, so I really hope if the team is serious about shaping Fibery to help remote teams (which mine is), they will get serious about building proper notifications.

As long as these “double” notifications remain, you have issues such as:

  • it’s harder to clear notifications because you have often to deal with two, when there should be one

  • These double notifications only include one that shows the contents of what was written in the Notifications area in the left nav. This makes it more time consuming to get to the bottom of what your colleague is trying to inform you about.

Would really like to hear back from Fibery on plans here. And @rothnic @JMaynier @colman and @Matt_Blais , are you dealing with this as you try to use Fibery comments with the teams you guys are onboarding?



Yes, we don’t enjoy this!

I think this situation may be made worse by the fact that there aren’t ways to opt-in to all notifications, for example:

Because of this, we end up using @ notifications more than we otherwise would “just in case” (so we aren’t trying to remember who will or won’t be notified).

I think in terms of on-boarding, the two big remaining pain-points are the overall complexity of Fibery (which the Fibery team is aware of and working hard on, and to be fair is also to a degree simply part of the value prop of the product), and notifications. At least these are the two I feel the most right now! Notifications, in minor contrast to the complexity, I think can be improved without sacrificing value prop. And lastly, the complexity can be learned / gotten over, unlike most notification issues.


Guys, would appreciate some feedback here. This is a big annoyance. There are some fundamentals of communication in Fibery that I really hope you will address, just about all other apps we’ve considered as alternatives handle them “normally.” When you talk of “Polishing Fibery,” which has been mentioned for a few months now like here:

I really hope you have in mind dealing with some of the oddities that make commenting, writing text, getting notified, etc. unnatural in Fibery vs. other apps.

This is a big one. My team cannot effectively use the Notifications pane to keep track of read/unread notifications due to this duplication. Another big issue is the way the notifications pane behaves when popping up - it’s been discussed here before and I don’t have time to find the reference, but its not natural. In a word, you should be able to click out of it to the entity in question, and then seamlessly navigate back to the pane. It’s an unnatural behavior right now.

There are a number of ways other apps handle this, one of the better being Assigned Comments in ClickUp that you recently compared yourselves too. But fundamentally, just a way to easily keep open notifications you haven’t gotten to, close those that you’ve addressed, and some other basics would be a huge help. It really is hard to use Fibery as a task management source of truth with out this or a basic dashboard where you can see your open items. I’m not talking about a workaround of making a custom view, but a bonafide dashboard that, like good notifications read/unread pane, is a fundamental in most top tier work management apps.

Around comments, we really need the ability to simply click to show you read a comment. And it is becoming harder for us to live without searchable comments as we create daily more and more content in there.

And re: formatting text in Entities, I don’t have time to make a list but I think @Chr1sG had in mind some of the issues I’ve dealt with when he said this:

This is actually a big issue for us, because we probably spend a few hrs/day doing meetings in Fibery where we create inline Entities. This I have to say is one of the Crown Jewels of Fibery - being able to have an entity for meetings, and then very quickly create action items inline, and see the entire context of the meeting in the task that was created from it. However, things like:

As well stuff like if you try to use the keyboard to paste in comments - “ctrl” + “v”, sometimes the comment commits prematurely without pasting in the desired content…etc.

Would love to get some guidance from @mdubakov and team about specifics around this stuff - mostly about whether you guys plan to do them. It would be easier to live with these issues if we knew at least that you acknowledge they are in need of fixing if Fibery is to really become “Polished.” I could live with waiting if I knew that, but would really not like to wait too long! I will have been a Fibery user 2 years in October, and I recall threaded comments, another huge need, in an MVP-sort of version, but then you removed them and no sign since!


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It is obvious Notifications are not a strong part of Fibery, however, we’ll postpone notifications improvements for some time. In terms of polishing, we will focus on the

  • entity view re-design
  • permissions
  • rich edit field
  • table view
  • timeline view
  • My Space.

I hope we’ll get to notifications eventually, but it’s hard to promise, since they don’t popup on top in our feedback loops.