Small element of Notifications - “I’ve read it” functionality

Hi again,

I’d like to request as part of the Notifications improvement some feature where you could indicate you’ve “read” the message. Something a “thumbs up” or “heart” that would indicate to the writer that the recipient has seen it.

We are trying to use Fibery for mass internal communication (thanks again for the ability to commit with “Ctrl” + “enter” I use it all the time now), and this is another big Quality of Life helper. Without it, your team member has to artificially write “Ok I ready this” AND @mention the write again. It’ so much quicker, and intuitive nowadays the way Texts, Slack, even Email is set up for this way to quickly respond that you read something.

Hoping this will get up into your guys’ Notifications backlog soon, thanks!

Interesting, yes this is generally a nice thing to have. The question is how best to implement it. Should it be a manual thing where you have to click e.g. thumbs up? Or should it be some kind of (optional?) “@mentioned user has seen this” detector and accompanying notification to the mentioner?

Also, what scope do you see these messages coming from that would indicate to the author they had been read? In other words is it just for @mentions?

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Great stuff here, great detail. Real Product Manager thinking in play!

So with this point:

That’s almost like an feature that “watches” to see if something has been read. That would be very cool, too, but I assume a lot of work to build.

To this point:

I do like it if you are able to “heart” ANY comment, and not just if you are @mentioned. This would work well with Watchers as you could get the comment in your Inbox as a Watcher, and then “heart” it, but not necessarily be @mentioned. So the commenter can just write an update generally about the watched entity, that may be of interest to all watchers. Otherwise, they have to artificially @mention each and every watcher - that’s awkward. This I think is a pretty standard way a lot of other apps approach this.

Thanks again!

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Thanks, noted that request as an Idea.
We haven’t researched this possibility and don’t have any certain opinion about it for now.
Anyway will be back to this request when will start working on Notifications improvement - and then will let you know about the decision :slight_smile: