"Like" of an Entity to show it was read by those it was shared to

Hi again,

I am trying to set up Fibery to replace as much internal Email and chat/slack as possible, as I think keeping internal communication in the app is as important as trying to take info out of siloed apps into one central location, a big fundamental of Fibery’s vision

I recently asked about having the ability to see if a comment has been read by the addressees:

I’d like to also suggest a similar function at the Entity level. This is because Entities in Fibery are very "wiki-like’ and can be easily used to represent an Email, an internal Memo, an update, a Meeting, and Event Announcement. Right now, the only way to try to make sure this is ready by a set of team members is to go into comments, @mention all of them, then write in the comment “please comment back if you read this” or some similar imprecise workaround. If you could just have a “liked” or “heart” of the Entity, and also see who had done this, it would be easy to mandate in your team that for X Type of Entity, it’s expected that those who are have the Entity shared to them, which could be done by the Watcher functionality, need to “like” it to show they read this, you meet this need. And this is a very common way to handle this need in a lot of more frequently used apps like Slack, etc.

Hope you guys will give this type of stuff big consideration as it’s all part of making Fibery actually viable for da- to-day use in a High-performing Product Team.


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Thanks, your ideas are noted!

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