Share Entity Contents when sending Notification


I’d like to request that as you guys build out notifications, you provide functionality to share the content of an Entity in Email as it is updated. So if I am following an entity, and the status us changed, I would get in Email not just a notification that “status of Entity X changed,” but also the full copy of the Entity.

Oftentimes my team has been stuck in some apps we tried where the notifications were focused around quick info about what happened, but to see the full entity you’d have to log back in to the app. In Wrike and Jira in particular, they Email you a full context of the entity in question. This is very useful, for example if you had an entity that was a meeting and you wanted to close it and distributed the notes to the attendees, you could accomplish this if the entity could be Emailed.

If this is something that teams aren’t sure they would like, you could always allow this to be turned on or off with preferences.

Thanks guys for considering!

Hi Guys,

I’d like to add some more context here as this is a feature my team could really use as we get into Fibery more, and have some limitations around finding information in Entities while we wait for Entity contents to be included in Search indexing.

We are using Fibery for communication-type activities such as Meetings, “Memos” - a type of Entity the have that is simply a decision or update within our team. It would really be great if when that type of Entity is created or updated, you could get the contents into Email for the users who are involved. One of the reasons I’m asking is that without mobile apps, or a built-out “inbox” or Dashboard area, it is harder for my team to “live” in Fibery as they would in other Work Management apps. So getting information via Email about what’s going on in Fibery has been very useful so far for us.

One way that comes to mind would be to @mention all the users in comments, so that a notification is triggered. This way we don’t have to get into building functionality like “watchers” of entities, etc., which I assume is some time ahead in the future. Right now perhaps a quick implementation like adding in Entity contents to the existing Email notifications is something that you guys might be able to put in place sooner? That would go a great deal towards helping my team get more from notifications!

Thanks as always for the consideration!