Option to send full context of entity with Notifications

@mdubakov Hey Michael, I hope I’m not overwhelming the community here (by the way, great choice with Discourse I think it’s the best out there), but I wanted to add one that I’ve found really useful: Ability to send a full entity’s content with a notification

The point here is that multiple apps I’ve tried handle this differently, but it is very useful to be able to see full context in Email along with an @mention. Jira and Wrike (sorry to bring them up again) do this, and it’s been very helpful. Some others I’ve tested extensively, such as Clickup, only send you a link to the entity in question. To see the full context in Email is very helpful if you are on your phone, in cross-browser or authentication situations where you have say an app that is on a different platform and the link won’t get you to the entity easily.

Ideally I think you guys could even give Admins an option, if your default wasn’t to include the entire entity along with the notification in the first place.

I realize you are busy working on notifications and if you plan this already, then you’ve gotten me even closer to adopting Fibery!

Happy to provide clarification if this is not clear as well.

And again, sorry if this is an obvious one. At the very least, with this post I hope I can get you a tad of SEO benefit, haha!

Keep up the great work and eagerly awaiting your guys’ continued releases in the Beta!