Unread indicator on in-line comment threads

I’d really like there to be some kind of “unread comment” indicator for in-line comments. So basically where the comment icon is on the right, just change the color or something if there is an unread comment (which would correspond to an unread Notification, of course; reading it in either place would dismiss the other). Image for example, here I’ve made it green to indicate a new comment.

To elaborate/provide context: I’m just starting to use Fibery comments a lot more to collaborate with someone and I’m finding a lot of friction in certain basic aspects. So this is going to be one of several feature requests and bug reports in quick succession. Hopefully I don’t make any duplicates of older requests. :smiley:

We’re basically having a semi-real time dynamic “conversation”, but spread around among some 20 different comment areas on a page. This theoretically keeps the comments focused on a specific area of a document/discussion, which is good. But actually trying to navigate this with existing tools/config is not quite a great experience yet…

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A lot of good requests around this stuff, sorry if I’m not getting you the response you’re looking for. But what do you think @Oshyan about this as well:

It’s a very awkward process to get assurance your comment has been read right now without Threads - which let’s somebody respond to a certain comments, and Activity Stream, so you can see if a comment even happened!

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Yep, I had already “hearted” that other reply. :wink:

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Yes, indeed you have and thanks for that support!

Curious, are you seeing a greater benefit of this now that, from what you described today, you guys are getting into more extensive use of comments (like my team has done from Day 1)?


So far I am not feeling as much like “did the other person read it?” is my issue, in particular. But it’s early days yet, and it could well become an issue. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks. The main use here we have seen is when there is an update-type comment to multiple users, or some other uses of Fibery where we are using Entities as internal communication, like “memos” let’s call them, and it’s important to see if everybody read, or, if somebody forgot to read!

Looks pretty nice at first glance
Added to the backlog to discuss with designers later :slight_smile:

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Hi, guys!
In fact, that is not smth you were waiting for exactly, but today we released our inline mention in the comments :hugs:

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