Issues with usability of Notifications for in-line comments

I’ve just run across several frustrating issues of usability when trying to utilize the in-line comments extensively in a Document. I’ll outline several here as they’re all related, hopefully this is better than filing several separate requests…

  1. If you are viewing the page where a new comment has been made and you attempt to use the Notification stream to link to it, it will not automatically scroll to or highlight the relevant comment. This is unlike the behavior when you are coming from some other page and clicking the Notification link, where it will correctly take you to and highlight (but not open) the relevant comment thread. This is probably my biggest challenge because it means I can’t just click the Notifications one by one and actually see them, I have to click away from the page, click a notification, go back, then click away again, etc. :confused:
  2. As noted above, when a Notification link takes you to a comment thread, it correctly highlights the icon for the discussion, but it does not automatically open it and it really should. Because why the heck else are you clicking that notification but to view the new comment in the comment thread? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  3. The Notification pane stays visible and overlaps the document after you click a link to a notification. This seems completely unnecessary and just slows things down and obscures the content you presumably clicked the notification to see. See screenshot, I clicked the top notification, it highlights the text (but not the comment icon!) as you can see behind the notification pane.

So in short, clicking a Notification should take you to and open the comment thread for that notification, no matter what page you are on in Fibery, and it should also close the Notification pane automatically.

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Many thanks for so many details!
Without objections :slight_smile:

Will be back to your feedback when will start working on the notification improvements!

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