Quote Text in Comments for better formatted responses

Hi, I’d like to request the ability to highlight text in a comment, and have the option to include it within a response to that comment.

This is a feature of systems like Wrike…


Making a threaded comment in task view

and even here in Discourse - which actually will create a new response at the same time, including the quote.

I know @Oshyan supports this, and it would be a great solution to the pending feature of Threaded Comments


Yep, Discourse is a great model for quoting in general, in multiple respects.


Thanks for pointing out Discourse in particular! Everytime I use that feature here, yearn for the ability to do the same in Fibery itself!


I wanted to flag up this request again, just took a vote off another to give one over here so it has at least one! Any chance you’re seeing this need more @Oshyan and willing to add one?

I also wanted to point out the way Discourse itself does this, using the Discourse functionality to show Oshyan’s own shout out to that:

My need here comes from increased use of Fibery in-team to plan work, prioritize, record decisions, and other key company documentation. It would be SO helpful to be able to quote something somewhere - in Doc, task description, comment - somewhere else in Fibery, with the ability to show where the quote came from, and click back to it. So if somebody says in a comment “I’ll get this done this week,” and they don’t 2 weeks later, you could quote that original comment when trying to get an update on when the work will actually be done!

And I have some hope that this might be coming as part of the “re-envisioned blocks” that there is a lot of discussion around. Notion has the ability to sync blocks of text and past them around the app, but the implementation isn’t great, since as near as I can tell, in Notion all that gets pasted is a block itself with no info on where the block came from, which is extremely useful before you have to click the quoted block to see it in context. Interestingly in Clickup you can link to blocks, and the link will show both the task where the quoted block is, and the quoted block itself.

Hoping you guys are thinking about something like this, would be super useful!

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I think what you’re asking for in this latest update sounds a fair bit like “Transcluded Blocks”. Not sure how/whether it will work in Comments, but it’s an interesting question/idea.

I agree that highlight-based quoting should be a broadly available feature in Fibery. Especially now that we have multi-pane UI, etc. Being able to highlight text in one pane and have it quoted in to an in-progress comment in the other, for example, would be pretty cool (I recognize there are challenges with determining user intent here as one example, but it’s a general idea to think about anyway).

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Always good commentary from you! I’m not sure exactly what Trancluded Blocks would refer to in this context, but quite simply what I’m looking for is:

  • Ability to highlight some text anywhere in Fibery
  • Copy that text, then paste as a “quote” (just like here in Discourse) anywhere else
  • have the originating entity showing in some detail so the user has context, including whether it was from a comment in that entity, rich text box, etc.

In essence this would work technically the way references already work, just with the added ability to highlight what you wanted referred to and quote it, since often you want to quote something from one entity to another. It’s enough to look here in Discourse at how often threads are quoted in other threads to see how useful that feature is to users. Right now in comments if you try to highlight text, nothing happens. And comments in Fibery for my team is where all the “Discourse-like” communication happens, not in rich text fields!

Thanks again!

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