[✔️ DONE] Autonumber for Name field of Entity

Hey guys,
Is it possible to add option for type of Name field? I believe auto-incremented field will be useful for abstract entities.

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More generally, I think the ability for the Name field to be a formula is essential. When I see a link to an entity, I often want to be able to see more information about that entity than just the name (especially given the name field requires manual entry).
For example, I use fibery to record products and their versions. One entity type is the product, and each product entity has one or more entities of the type version (1.0, 2.0, etc.).
If I use the name field (of the version entity) to store the version number, when I link to a version (Abc 1.0) it looks exactly like linking to another version (Xyz 1.0) since they both show up as ‘1.0’. This could be solved by having a separate number field and using a formula for the name field that concatenates the name of the linked-to product with the value in the number field.
Should I create a separate feature request? Or does someone already know how to solve this?
I know the same problem exists in Notion, but coming from Airtable, this is a deal-breaker for me…

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@Chr1sG We are going to implement Text Formulas really soon (1-2 weeks) and formula for Name is in the scope as well, since there are many useful cases for it.


This is great. Thank you!

It’s done!!! :partying_face:

We did not announce it, since there is no conversion of date and numbers into text. Without these things this feature is barely useful.

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I was able to concatenate two text fields which was useful for me :slight_smile:

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Happy to say, that feature is officially on board :ship:
Here you can check more details :wink:

Just wondering for auto-number, how would that be done? [Public Id] is practically just that, but is relative to its own Type rather than based on something else (like a collection).

If I have 3 children the countUnique/Count will still change number to 3 on all.