A couple of specific issues with Comments, maybe Bugs? Edit upon creation, show Creator w/out refresh

Hi Guys,

My team has been extensively using comments and we are onboarding more who are going to be doing the same. There are various issues that I’m counting on getting improved with comments down the road (such as Committing with Return which does not work in every circumstance right now…

Anyway, the two items I wanted to flag up here:

  1. If you post a comment, you will not see the owner of the comment on the page until there is a refresh. What’s more, if another users posts, they also don’t show up. So if you’re working on a page real-time and somebody from your team comes in and posts a comment, you can’t see who it is as all that shows are these “…” logo

  2. You can’t edit a comment without refreshing. This is a small annoyance as I frequently would like to edit something, but I can’t unless I refresh as that option is not available on the “…” menu until the refresh.

Hope that’s useful and thanks guys!

That looks like our bug, unique per account and per workspace.
Will fix that!

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