Sales-driving features, low-hanging fruit

This topic may not be appropriate here, but I wanted to try to curate a list of what I think are some important missing features that might be relatively easy to implement and would, in my view, have a disproportionately high positive impact on sales and retention. I’ll mostly be linking to existing feature requests here, and will try to categorize it. I’m also making this a wiki so others can add to it. Just be aware I may remove or annotate your changes if I disagree, as I think it’s important that this be a really focused list that ideally would be reasonably actionable for the team.

Import and Migration

Almost everyone coming to Fibery will have existing data. Getting them into the tool with their data reasonably intact is key to giving them a good experience, especially if you can “enrich” their data with Fibery-specific benefits (e.g. Fields, References, etc.). Fibery already has good sync with a number of tools, but could use a couple key improvements that may have higher impact.

Work Management and Notifications

Although Fibery is extremely powerful and can manage a wide variety of processes, those are almost inevitably more complicated to implement and get used to in Fibery vs. e.g. simple work management. And the largest common denominator for most Fibery users will probably be projects + tasks or some variation of. Thus it makes sense to really prioritize the user experience here as it’s the first thing many users will encounter, and rough edges in this area will likely turn people off quickly, especially vs. other, more purpose-built tools they may be coming from.

Comments, etc.

Polish and User Experience

Other Perspectives on the Same Topic

This is essentially another user’s suggestions for similar goal: