Easy import of markdown docs to wiki

Hello - I have a considerable number of docs in markdown. The wiki docs / other docs, is not really compatible with simply copy-pasting markdown you have.

Anything that can be done?

Wiki doesn’t support copy-pasting markdown at the moment.
The workaround I can offer now is to use direct fibery api to update whole document with markdown content: https://api.fibery.io/#update-rich-text-field

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ah, right, that will work. Actually my docs are in a database and happen to be in markdown format in a text field. I can get a json dump of them, then use jq to cook up a script to push them in via curl. Problem is slogging through to figure out what is useful or not. :slight_smile:

This is indeed , the notion app well made as well embed , but maker user experience for non code user who did not know makdown format