Are Documents being deprecated?

@mdubakov wrote (in an email):

We are going to make a change in Fibery Automations that might affect your rules.
The following actions will be removed from automations in the next release:
Add Document
Link Documents

Are Documents being deprecated, or only removed from Automation? I would love to know more details about what is happening; Obviously I do not want to make extensive use of features that will be deprecated.

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We are moving Views from Core to a separate service and there are many technical problems with that. Documents collections are removed from Filters and from Automations to make our life slightly easier. We are not going to remove Views from Entities since they are popular. But we might migrate them to something better in future. Anyway, you may safely use them.

According our stats, only 8 accounts used these automations anyway. So I wrote to all of them with this warning.


Thanks for the explanation @mdubakov. We are all eager for these changes! :smiley:

  • Will there be a different way for Automations to handle Documents?

  • Will there be any API changes related to Documents?

  • Can I just replace my current Automation that uses the “Add Document” action, to do the equivalent using the API (via javascript action)?

  • We will add actions for Pages when they will be ready
  • No changes in API for usual documents
  • fibery/view will be removed from Core, so I don’t think Add Document to entity will work with any kind of workaround.

How do I create a Document via script? (and add it to entity)
I don’t see a “createDocument” call in the API.

@mdubakov @Chr1sG, I still need to find a solution to this issue, or else do some redesign…

The basic issue is that I cannot find a way to create and link Fibery Documents via scripts/automation. Will this be fixed?

Can I do it with “Pages”? I don’t see any API/GraphQL support for Pages either.