CHANGELOG: May 12, 2022 / No data loss in docs, more options in automation templates, search in My Space, 17 fixed bugs

:ninja: No data loss in documents

Sometimes Fibery could lose some changes in documents when internet connection was unstable or very slow. No more!

Now Fibery handles such situations and stores changes in local cache. When internet connection is live again, Fibery syncs data from local cache and updates the doc.

What if a user left the document when offline?

In this case Fibery has a backup in History section of a document, and a user can restore version from the local backup.


:robot: Automations: Init entity fields without displaying

Entity fields/collections can be initialised in template markdown without displaying, for future use in script expression. Can be used in the following format {! FieldName !}

{!Tasks:Id,Name!} <%= => task.Name).join(`,`) %>

:robot: Automations: Display collection as a bullet list in templates

Lists can be displayed as bullet list using {- List:Field1, Field2 -}

{- Tasks: Name, State.Name -}




:flashlight: Search in My Space

Search works for My Space documents and Views now. They are visible in search results and recent items. Documents from My Space are fully indexed and full-text search works for them.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Duplicate Whiteboard action is added

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Image display options don’t appear in rich text for small images
  • Nested Views don’t get moved to another space along with the page
  • Units on calendar in panel mode look not good
  • Calendar View: Entity title is hidden under units when create new item
  • Add button and context selector look bad together on new entity placeholder
  • Timeline: It’s impossible to add new entity to timeline if name is generated via formula and dates range is lower than 5 days
  • Entity title is not aligned to units (in Firefox)
  • Sometimes it’s impossible to change state or assignee in mentioned entities
  • Annoying tooltip when select context for new entity
  • Editors, Contributors and Viewers can not edit and delete their own comments
  • Timeline view: missing tooltip for Name unit.
  • Return/enter deletes the link in checkbox
  • Can’t reference Views (whiteboard & tables) in documents
  • It’s impossible to move views between Spaces
  • It’s impossible to mention user or entity in rich-text via mouse
  • [Firefox/Chrome]Mentioned entity gets opened in a panel when click on its state or assignee
  • Sharing bug entity fails with error on The

BTW, this is how this changelog was created


What do you use to show that emoticon menu? is that a feature in Fibery?

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On Windows, you can bring up a list of emoticons by holding down the windows key pressing full stop.

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No, it’s an OS system Control + Cmd + Space on Mac