Template Processing Functions in Scripts

Fibery’s support for markdown templates is pretty great and I use them often for automations when creating new entities. However, I am finding that some of more generic entity types, like meetings, require that I use different types templates depending on the situation. This is dealt with by introducing a higher level “type” entity like “Project Type” or “Meeting Type” (process is also described here) .

However, one thing that is missing with this process is that you no longer have access to the markdown template features, such as embedding variables or lists (or recently added functions). So I was wondering if it is possible to expose the template processing/parsing functions in the automations for templates that are not explicitly defined inside an automation. This might be two separate requests:

  1. Have access in automation scripts a function (or series of functions) to parse templates from fields (assume that is something that already exists in the backend), and

  2. Have the ability to pass a text field or a rich text field instead of writing out the template content:

This not only would open up possibilities for templates for rich text fields, but hopefully allows templates for other fields (like the name field).

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: