Copy-pasting and markdown interpretation in Rich Text automation actions

When using automation to fill or update Rich Text fields, we cannot copy-paste an existing Rich Text content from an other entity. The box supports only Markdown template and the text has to be formatted manually. A way to

  1. copy-paste from an existing Rich Text and having it translated in markdown would be great
  2. visualize (interpret) the markdown template, even it is only the formatting, would greatly help usability. Today, one has to run the automation to see how the text will look like and it can be frustrating for long text

If the entities are linked, you can overwrite (or append) the text field in one by referencing the text field in the other.
E.g. {{Project.Description}}

Good advice indeed.
In the use-case I have in mind it would not help though: in some entities we are creating, we have a Rich Text field acting as a manual or a workflow on how to handle the object. This Rich Text field is initialized at entity creation through an automation.
To write the text, I use an entity already created to benefit from the Markdown interpretation, to make it looks like I want it. But then I cannot copy-paste the text in the automation. I have to export the entity in markdown and copy the part I need into the automation field. It feels a bit cumbersome. And also it seems you don’t have the same formatting possibilities. For instance, how to underline a word in a Rich Text automation? Not sure if it not possible or if I just did not find the right way yet…

Yes, in general, you would need to use markdown to format the text in an automation

And I don’t think underline is supported I’m afraid :frowning: