Allow pasting markdown in rich text field

Allow pasting markdown in rich text field, and this to automatically convert or show correctly.

I had the feeling, that pasting Markdown is interpreted already, but today i realised its not.

is this really not something that can be done? pasting markdown into a rich text having it interpret the markdown formatting correctly?

(apparently I made the roundtrip through clickup the other times, wich has the option to paste markdown with formatting)

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I would really love this too. It is so helpful if you need to add some standard text to a bunch of different entities. I also would like to be able to use text expanders to just add some boilerplate content (including links) into a rich text field.

as a workaround you can add a button to append markdown to the rich text with an automation

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Yes, I’ve been doing this as a workaround for boilerplate language. If actions could have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them, then that would work even better!

The one problem with append action is that it will always be at the end of the field not where you may necessarily want the text pasted