! Description fields of all entities empty/not loading. Data loss?


I have cleared my browsing data, cookies and cached data, but it still does not show up.
Waited for 30 minutes…nothing yet.
What can cause this, and how to resolve?

Because this is concerning and not resolving by itself, I here by post as (urgent) bug.

Everything seems ok when I try my workspaces.
Have you tried a different browser? Does it work on a different network?

I’m back from a break, and now it has resolved itself. No idea what caused it because other apps were working well, without internet issues.
It has happened before, so I’ll check on another network next time.

This might not be the cause, but…

When Fibery is “catching up” to recent changes (e.g., recalculating Formula fields, running triggered Rules in the background), the UI can lag and/or freeze, or simply be “out of date”.

If you have a cascade of such activity and many entities to process, this catching-up can take… quite a long time, depending on how much needs to be recalculated and processed.

There is unfortunately no indication of when this is happening, so it’s impossible to know if a particular view is going to be updated by processing that is currently happening in the background.

.hmm, I did just before it happened rename a space…although the issue appeared in all spaces after that .