[✔️ FIXED] Creating Entity or Pasting Entity Lead to Crash: "Oops, something has gone wrong - please refresh the page" "Invalid Position"

I’m experiencing a “crash” fairly frequently, whether in Firefox or Chrome, doing one of two actions:

  • Creating an entity from highlighted text
  • Pasting in a line that contains an entity

Both in a rich text field. I think I’ve gotten the same issue sometimes with other actions involving rich text fields and entities too, but these are the two most prominent.

Then the screen will flash and at the bottom I’ll see:

The position value, 76 here, changes every time. I can’t really do anything until I refresh the page.

Oddly, when I go back into the entity where the error happened, the created entity isn’t in the rich text field anymore, but did get created. However, after some time passes, the entity will make its way back into the rich text field. By this time I’ll have reentered it, so in many cases now I’ll have duplicated links.

Note: this mostly only happens when I’m in a pop-up view, and not after Opening as View

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I get this all the time and just attribute it to some underlying but that I hope will get phased out over time. I have just gotten used to it! Although I wish it wasn’t around…

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Yeah this has been causing some pain/friction for a while… On the days when it’s really bad (happens for nearly every entity I create) I don’t even want to use Fibery, but luckily most days it just sort of comes and goes. I don’t want to sound too dramatic though I guess - all software has bugs and this one is generally survivable!

Since opening as view often “solves” it, I know what you mean about this issue:

Although I guess I usually find cmd-k has made up most of the slack here.

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We’ve reproduced the bug and going to fix it soon

Fixed in the latest release

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Nice, party time