Simpler reminder functionality in addition to automation-based approach

Reminders should be a core feature in my opinion. We should be able to check a box or something like “Add reminder to this date field” and we should have a way to configure it afterwards.

You’ll drive off lots of users if you’re asking them to learn rules etc to set up a simple reminder.

Reminders are currently a function of Automations. An admin can set it up so that any newly-created e.g. Task will prompt the user for a date and automatically setup a reminder for that date. I think you are aware of this, but I just wanted to be sure.

I think what you are asking for is something like a special feature (option) for date fields that allows you to automatically remind on that date. This would be a convenience, but since Fibery already requires an admin to setup many things “manually” (this is part of the downside of the high degree of flexibility), the way it works now is not really surprising or inconsistent.

That said I think some kind of automations “library” or presets would be helpful here. You could have one that was “Simple reminder” or something that would basically set this up for you. Perhaps when pressing “Add Rule”/“Add Button” there could be 2-3 options in a pop-up menu:

  • Add New Rule
  • Save Rule Preset
  • Load Rule Preset
    Presets would be available in any database, and it come pre-populated with some presets. You’d still have to go to Automations though.

I do agree though that reminders are a common enough need that a special option on date field config might be justified though. You might consider re-titling this feature request, it seems a little unclear to me as-is.


Given that there are quite many variations in the way each user might prefer to have their reminders, I fear that any preset is likely to please only a small subset.

Here is an example of a rule that will remind someone that a Due date has been reached:

But maybe other users want to be reminded a day before, a week before, at midday? Maybe they want to notify the assignee, maybe they want to notify the whole team?
I think the fact that there are so many possible combinations makes the current solution (having to define your own rules) the least worst for the most people :slight_smile:

Having said that, perhaps a way to shortcut to the rule creation screen directly from a field (and where the rule’s filter is auto-populated with the selected field) isn’t such a bad idea :thinking:

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Yeah, that’s some interesting thinking. I would say that the solution probably has to be unique to Fibery, but should still be more intuitive/obvious/accessible than what we have now. What we have works just fine, for the most part. It’s just really unintuitive for anyone coming from any other more traditional tool.

The other thing I do want to point out, though, is the problem with the rule-based approach is it becomes complicated if you want to offer the user some flexibility. Let’s say, for example, you want to use Fibery as a task tracker, so you have 1 Database for tasks. You setup an automation for reminders. But if you want some to remind you 1 week beforehand, some 1 day beforehand, and some only (or additionally) when it’s after a due date, those all have to be separate automations/rules. You could setup buttons to enable each kind of automation I suppose. Or even one that takes an input value from the user. But it’s just clunky compared to a normal task manager, many of which have all of those options built-in to a simple, easy to use task scheduling dialog. They’re also easier to update/change reminder settings for a task later.

Of course there are workarounds, for example you could have another field in that Database to hold a “Days Before Due Reminder” value that you can easily change. But that likewise is clunky, and clutters up your Entity view. Perhaps I am missing a better/simpler way to do this. If not, it’s definitely something that should be considered for dedicated functionality. Obviously a line has to be drawn, you don’t want to create custom functionality for every possible function, or even a few, but there are just a couple (like Date, which has options for Start/End or single date, and enable/disable Time) that might well justify some special affordances.

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Hmmm…user configurable ‘rules’ that can vary from entity to entity…
That is a significant departure from where Fibery is currently at :thinking:

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Indeed. But the critical question is does it sound crazy to want that? It’s very common and normal with regular task managers, and arguably it is at least desirable with any system that handles “tasks” and “projects” (which Fibery does).

A tool being flexible should be an advantage for the user, where it can extend common use cases to fit their individual needs. Right now a common use case of setting a simple reminder it’s quite complicated to set.

It’s ok and expected by the user to be complex to customize reminder settings for more advanced use cases, but for a simple reminder that’s used by 90% of users it shouldn’t be.

Most people will want to be reminded x minutes/hours/days before a date, all other variations are not needed by most. Of course that some will want to be reminded at a specific hour every x days for person z with a specific email text etc, but that’s the part that should be more complex and require the user to head to automations.

Notion has the /remind tag in a note to set a reminder super easy. It’s not ideal but enough for most cases.

Even the most tech-savy users don’t like to spend mental energy on stuff that should be simple.

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Absolutely not crazy. Totally understandable.
I didn’t mean to indicate otherwise :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed! On all that. :grin: Do you mind if I change the title of this to something that might better fit the actual feature request? e.g. “Simple reminder functionality in addition to automation-based approach”?

I wouldn’t say you indicated otherwise. Just left it perhaps a little vague. All good. :slight_smile:

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Fine with me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please do, sounds more on point

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