Turn "Notifications" into "Inbox"

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I have difficulty with the small notification window. I don’t feel sure that I’m managing what appears there and that I won’t miss something.

I’d love to see something that solves my job better, maybe something like Twist, Asana or Clickup do: an Inbox screen, separating what’s active or new from what I’ve marked as done or seen.

Has anything like this been discussed here?

I think of some possibilities as a step further, like allowing to add personal tasks for the day right there and allowing to have a block to reorder by what I think is priority, and the new notifications would appear in another block as “new”, in addition to separating what I marked as “made” or “seen”.

There has definitely been discussion of this before. I think this is the most similar overall request:

But I think yours is more clearly articulated as an overall concept, despite some significant similarities.

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