Add "Page"/Document sync to Notion Integration

When I first read that the new-ish Notion integration didn’t support “Documents”, I wasn’t that concerned. While I do have a lot of Notion “Pages” with contents I’d like to move into Fibery, the databases are far more important. And those, I thought, would be imported in full.

Well, it turns out that the document/“page” contents of database entries is also apparently not imported?? This seems like a massive limitation, really. In Notion, because of the way databases are setup, they’re basically just collections of pages with Properties. You’re encouraged by the UI/UX to put content into the “page” contents area. While in Fibery you might often have entities with little or no “rich text”, or even delete that field altogether at times, in Notion this is mostly unheard of (and actually impossible in the sense that you can’t delete the “page” area). So not importing this content is basically a crippling limitation on the Notion sync, as far as I’m concerned.

I am strongly hoping that it is intended to add page/doc sync, both inside and outside databases, for the Notion integration. I’m not certain that the Notion API supports it, but I would think so, and I certainly hope so!

How about it Fibery team, is this coming soon?? It would solve a lot of problems for me if it were!

We definitely plan to add that, but no promises so far
Good news that now one of the teams is focused on import & migration
Now it’s more about planning & research, but hopefully, soon we will have smth to show :slight_smile: (or not! that’s not a promise, who knows how it goes!)

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Question to the devs: is it the case that the Notion API does not offer good access to the Page Contents or that the Page Contents data it provides is hard to work with (e.g. proprietary blocks)?

I ask because I recently realized I might be able to work around the Fibery limitation by using Zapier or Integromat to connect between Notion and Fibery. But attempts with both of them did not show any Page Contents that was accessible in the content that got pulled from Notion. Their API documentation does seem to indicate page contents is available, but it appears to be in a proprietary JSON format (the more I read/research for writing this reply, the more I may be answering my own question :smile:).

Perhaps this could be used to ingest:

But it gets back to the issue for me of not being able to code my own bulk MD importer for Fibery. :pensive:

Ironically my use of Notion is partly just a hoped-for workaround to the lack of Easy import of markdown docs to wiki. I could do it via CSV, but I haven’t found an easy, non-programmer way to get Markdown into CSVs! :weary:

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