Entity Templates - some ideas

Hi again guys,

I’m sure this is on the roadmap as it’s pretty basic functionality. I wanted to add a few particular requests for templates or copying of entities:

  • I am making extensive use of the tables in the Rich Text Fields. I would like to be able to quickly add a new entity that would already have that included, based on some columns I have already set up. So one idea would be to allow for “create from template” in each of the places where you are able to create a new entity. That could possibly affect the UI as you’d need to include that in a lot of places, then also show a list of templates to choose from. Perhaps there are some better ideas around how to make this happen?

  • another idea is to be able to quickly copy an existing entity, which would have the template of choice, via right click menu when you guys come out with those. So I could add into a “Connections” field with relations quickly a duplicate of another entity in there.

  • This is related to types of fields, but in my case, if I could more quickly have a table in the entity, that would also work. So this could be done by 1) ability to drag and create a table of user-determined height and width, 2) a field type “table” that could be quickly added to the Type, so all entities would have it, 3) some more controls in existing tables: Ability to grow a table by clicking “tab” in the last row - Confluence has this, and more free movement around a table with cursors and the keyboard.

Hope that’s useful guys, thanks as always!

Hey guys,

Sorry if this is overkill and you are not eager for another comparison to Notion! But I am really finding the need for a certain format of an Entity I use again and again, so wanted to keep some suggestions active for Templates of entities.

I really like the way Notion handles this issue of adding a new entity, which in their case can be a row in a Database, from a Template:

There is a button offering pre-made Templates from that type of entity already. I think it would be great to get something like this in Fibery.


We currently use Automation Rules within TP to populate a new feature based on standard terms within the entity name. The trigger could easily be changed to read the value in a custom field and make decisions based on it.
This functionality should be able to be used in Fibery when automation rules are implemented.
We create a lot of standard developments for maintenance controllers, which follow the same format.
If we create a new feature with maintenance controller in the name it will add :

  • 13 individually formatted user stories

  • 4 test plans that contain 36 individually formatted test cases spread across the 4 plans

Hey @Adrian_Crawley really appreciate hearing from you!

I am excited generally about the connection between @mdubakov background with TP, obviously, and Fibery. My team builds and maintains websites, we have been between 3 and 12 developers the last few years, just a few right now but we are going to be ramping up and I am intending to bring the dev into Fibery! I looked at TP extensively and I am very impressed. We used Jira for a long time, this past summer transitioned to Clubhouse, far superior in my mind, but also very limited in that they have a very set way of approaching things, it’s not really a flexible tool in spite of what you might hear from the Clubhouse team. I was hoping to use TP for my dev needs and other team management needs, but I couldn’t adopt it for the non-dev stuff quite like I was hoping, so I moved away from it. I actually found out about Fibery from this great article:


I have confidence - and I hope I’m right! - that the Fibery team will bring in, ultimately, all this great stuff in TP, such as Test Case Management, which really impressed me as I didn’t see that anywhere natively in other dev management apps. And also a ton of the good user functionality like I expressed here from the no code group, so something like the ability to use a Template easily like Notion offers (from my screenshot).

I appreciate this insight on how some of this was done with Automations. I hope this is a sneak peak into what’s in store for Fibery. I also hope some of the “simpler” functionality I outlined also comes down the pipeline soon!


We’ve been using TP for over 6 years and one thing I can say is that I have no doubt that @mdubakov and the team will deliver a fantastic product with Fibery.
The lack of a test case management module and the automation are the biggest barriers to us adopting Fibery as our daily driver. The simplicity of the system will allow us to build a clone of our TP environment very easily.

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Hey @Adrian_Crawley thanks for the response and great to get a reassurance of what I was already convinced of that this team knows what they are doing!

Thanks again and eager to hear about your experience once Automations come out and you move your team over. I am just about there with my team - which is only around 9 right now - and the more we dig in, the more I am impressed!

Take care.