Add Default Value on Multi-Select Fields

Hi guys,

The default value option on Single-Select fields…

is a very nice feature. It allows you to determine if you would like a tag to get picked up by each new entry, or not. This is another feature absent in Notion!

I could really use it in the Multi-select field. I was hoping that since Multi-Select is new (released in April per below) perhaps you simply haven’t gotten to its implementation?

I use this default value extensively in single-select, so could really make use of it in Multi-Select.

Thanks guys!

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I would love to be able to add “default value” to any type of field.

Like due date would be “today” by default, up to me to change it.) This would make it more easy to reassign tasks in calendar as a lack of due date means you don’t see it in the calendar view.

In the same idea Project progress would be “not yet started by default”.

What do you guys think? @mdubakov ? :slight_smile:


Can we set a default value in a number field in notion now?

There is no way to set the default value for any Type of Fields except Single-Select/Multi-Select fields.
But you can set a formula, that will calculate definition based on different conditions.