[✔︎ DONE] Multi-Select drop down?

Hi again guys,

I have been making good use of the single-select drop down as it works well with some filters in boards I am using. I am finding a need though where I have entities I’d like to categorize using a multi-select drop down and selecting more than one option. I was trying to do this with a workaround of setting up several check boxes, but this seems awkward.

Would be very curious to know if you have this in the plans, thanks!

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@B_Sp Implementation started

Hey Michael, great to see this and those other released features! Can’t wait to try lookups, very useful and building on one of the key features of Fibery - great visibility into extended relations of entities.

Thanks for moving this along!

Multi-select drop down is implemented

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And I’ve been using it a lot, great feature guys!