Basic Test Management app

UPDATE: The official Test Management template is now available in the template gallery :+1:

I shared this app elsewhere in the Fibery community, but I figured I could leave a link to it here as well, so that it might be easier to find.

Here are the type relations:

The idea is that a Test Case can be defined with a collection of named Steps (each with an Action and an Expected Result).

When the ‘Execute Test Case’ button is pressed, a linked Test Execution is created (automatically assigned to the current user and named with the day’s date). The Test Execution is created with a collection of Step Results - one for each named Step in the Test Case.

Using auto-linking to connect the Step Results to the correct Steps (based on matching the Test Case and entity names) the Step Results inherit (read-only) fields for the Action and Expected result.

Each Step Result has an editable Actual Result field, which to be filled in by the tester when the test is run, together with a Pass/Fail/TBD single-select field.

By doing all this, it’s possible to have a table view for all the Step Results of each Test Execution showing Action, Expected result, Actual result and Outcome.

I also added a bit of logic so that the overall outcome of the Test Execution (pass or fail) can be determined based on the outcomes of the Step Results, and some date comparison logic so that it’s easy to see whether a Test Execution is the latest one for that Test Case.

I designed a Vizydrop report to summarise the results, but it seems that this does not get included in the shared app, sorry :-/

Anyway, hope it might be useful or inspirational for someone. There’s obviously lots of room for improvement/enhancement, so please add your own tweaks and re-share :slight_smile:


Following the discussion on the October 2020 digest…

I think I get it, and I will have a go at adding that functionality.

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Reports, Whiteboards and Smart Folders are not supported yet in App Sharing. We are working on it and will add them soon.

I’ve created a slightly enhanced version with Test Plans and Test Runs now included. I have also added a few extras:

  • made use of the name-formula feature recently introduced
  • introduced some mechanisms for checking if the Test Execution has become out-of-sync with the Test Case (for example the text of the Test Case changes)
  • added buttons to choose Pass, Fail or TBD for each Step Result and timestamp it

The App lends itself well to being configured with smart folders and reports, but these are not yet supported, as Michael has indicated, so I have just included some simple tables and boards. If you install it, I suggest creating smart folders: one for Test Plans and Test Cases (with a table of Steps) and one for Test Runs and Test Executions (with a table of Step Results).

Hope someone (maybe @AdrianC) finds it useful (or at least inspires others to make something useful :slight_smile:)


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Hi, please where can I found link for this app.I would like to try it.

Just click on the link at the bottom of the Nov '20 post, and it should create a copy of the app in your Fibery workspace.

You might want to read this as well, if you haven’t already:

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Hi, I click on

and go to screen to choose workspace. I am logg in and select my workspace and get this url: and blank screen. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, it seems like something has broken since I posted that link.
Try this:

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Thanks, It works now, I will learn how to use this, becouse after click button “Run the Test plan” I occure an error.

What does the error say?


  • Thanks for sharing the app
    • I installed the app
    • Clicked the button Run the Test plan for Plan A
    • resulted in error = (intermediate value) is not iterable
    • I am just checking out the functionality…

OK, I tried installing the App myself in a different workspace, and it no longer works for me :frowning: Seems like stuff in the backend has changed since I wrote the button script :-/

I have now made some edits to the button script and re-shared the app, so try deleting the faulty app from your workspace and reinstalling if (using the same link).
I hope the ‘Run the test plan’ button will now work for you.

Unfortunately, a couple of the automatic relations seem to become broken on import, and I don’t know why. I can’t fix it from my sharing app.

If they’re also broken for you, you’ll need to do the following manual fixes:

Go into the Test Execution type, find the auto-relation to Test Case and fix the broken field.
Similarly, you’ll need to go the Step Result type, find the auto-relation to Step and fix the broken fields.
In both cases, you need to make all the field names match, so in the example below, the deleted field should be Test Plan:

In the case of the Step Result relation to Step, you’ll need to make sure that Name=Name and Test Case=Test Case.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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It works now

  • Deleted App - part of which did not work
  • Reinstalled the same App
  • Ran the test plan A - It created Linked TestRun record successfully
  • Ran the test plan B - It created Linked TestRun record successfully
  • There was no need of any manual step to get it working - It worked immediately after installation

Glad the buttons now work :slight_smile:
The manual fixes I mentioned are not needed for the button to work, but are there to support some of the formula fields (that indicate if, for example, that a test case has changed since the test run was created, potentially indicating that it needs re-running)

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You should now be able to edit your first post to use the correct link and do any other updates needed to clarify. Would be helpful as I just came back to this (having a new need for test case management), found the first link not working, and scrolled slowly down seeing multiple links to figure out which one was right. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks for sharing this, in any case!

Now that you’re working directly with the team, I wonder if this can be cleaned up enough to go into the templates library. Maybe there are still too many missing features to really make it clean enough?

Your crystal ball is working!
I plan to try and turn this into an official template v soon. Watch this space :slight_smile:

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Ahh, I knew I polished that old orb for a reason. :laughing: :champagne::fireworks::sparkler:

The official Fibery Test Management app is now available :smiley:
Find it in the template gallery.
The links in this thread are now dead :latin_cross:

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Excellent! I’ll take a look. Is there much that changed since the previous share?