Space Sharing -

What is hidden inside here?

  • When do you need to Share Space?
  • What does “Sharing” mean?
  • How to Share Space
  • What you can’t Share now
  • How to stop Sharing
  • How to update Template
  • How to create a human-friendly Shared Space?
  • Currently Shared Templates

When do you need to Share Space?

Lets just come up with some cases, when Space Sharing is cool:

  • :smiling_imp: selfish: when you want to move Space from one of your workspaces to another
  • :handshake: friendly: give your friends ready-to-go templates, don’t make them struggle with Fibery alone
  • :woman_teacher: consultancy: create Spaces for your customers and partners and show them some real magic
  • :sparkling_heart: community: share your Ideas with Fibery Community and get some Ideas for your business. Friendship is magic!
  • :disappointed_relieved: help: feeling like your structure isn’t perfect? Share your setup and get some advice from our community pro or Fibery buddies!

What does “Sharing” mean?

Well, in Fibery you can share your Spaces. Space usually represents a process. For example: Software Development, Candidate tracking, Vacation tracking, CRM, etc.

Each Space consists of:

  • Databases (those funny building blocks with unique fields :woman_juggling:)
  • Views (our “windows” to the data :mag_right:)
  • Data (a dummy one, or a very private top-secret one!:rotating_light:)

Sharing allows other people to get your Space (Types/Views/Data) and install it using the automatically generated link.

You can share and import existing Spaces from one account (workspace) to another. For example, you’ve created a new fancy Meeting Space and your friend wants to have the same Space. Now you can share the Meeting Space and send a link to your friend to install it. Or share it here, in our Community!

How to Share Space

To share an app, click on the “Share as a Template” Button

Click it, then choose, which parts of your Ызфсу you want to Share. Are you ready to show your Data? :fearful:

Note: Documents, that you’ve created in your App - are Views, not Entities!

Click Generate shareable link button and copy the URL:

What you can’t Share right now?

:x: Files

:x: Images

How to stop Sharing App

  1. You can Deactivate your Link here:

  1. You can just delete your App.

Once you delete your App, the sharing link would stop working as well.

How to update the Shared Space

If you improve your Space structure, add new cool Views, or somehow change it and want everyone to notice that - just Update your Template.

How to create a human-friendly Shared Space?

  1. Explanation :woman_teacher:

A document inside an Space with explanation of how to use it and how it can work - would definitely help others get your point.

  1. Data :triangular_flag_on_post:

No need to show others sensitive and private information, but empty Views can look depressing…
Add some dummy data, if possible, and make everyone a bit happier :sparkles:

  1. Views :eyes:

Of course, Views are just the way to visualize Data and there can be no Views in the Shared App at all. But we are creating a human-friendly Template, remember? So let’s add some helpful ones and name it so that it is clear why they are needed at all.


Already Shared Spaces


Product Workspace setup

Event Management

Repeatable Process (coming soon)

Meeting Notes


Basic Test Management from Chr1sG

“Meta-fibery” app from Chr1sG

Folders on NAS to entities in Fibery, with relation to customer entity from Haslien

Task Progression by Chr1sG

Wishes :sparkles:

Please, share here in the comments which template you are currently lack?

And show your templates in this Category - share your vision and be ready for improvements! :muscle:


“An application”
There is a lot to discuss. I’m covering little in this message.

  1. I am yet to find on your team a person who writes / speaks good English.
    Who on your team writes the best English?
    Who speaks the best English?
    Such information helps us to communicate better.
    I don’t simply ask people for things. I can also offer a lot. We can communicate about your benefits and agree on a plan to get them. This plan might include measures to improve your communication, as it can benefit quite a few people, starting with you.
  2. Beside the fact that communicating with me opens a gate to superior services, our relationship can include other transactions; the fact that I like a lot what you are doing can help us build a really fruitful dialogue. The bigger you think, the more you can benefit.

Hello to everyone! Of course you are welcome to pitch in. I am helping people to benefit more from computing. Because of this, beside other positive emotions that words of the Fibery team have made me feel, I feel joy that they are working on this, too, and that they seem to think more usefully than quite a few other software developers. I also keep finding room for improvement and have seen words that can mean that we can agree with them on the best schedule: continuous improvement. (I am very optimistic, i.e. quick to trust some people.)

Hi, Julian
Sorry to hear about our unperfect English - we will do our best to speak better. Maybe someday Fibery will have a native speaker in Customer Support. In this case, I would ask him/her to be in charge of you and your conversations :wink: as for now looks like we are not good to talk to you, sorry.

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@Polina_Zenevich I wanted to make a suggestion to have a readme or app notes page by default in the app configuration area (where you define types and access). I think it is quite helpful to provide this document with every app (regardless of if you are sharing the app or not), but to maximize space in the left bar and make this consistent across all apps, I thought the configuration page might be the best place for it.

Many thanks :smile:


Sounds similar to this:

…which has been marked as [APPROVED] so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Yes loving the support for this @Chr1sG and @anayericov:

This is a key piece I’m missing to try to get the Apps to work more as a “home” for the part of my business that I’m using the App for. There is a ton of potential here, if we could add in links and so forth. I also think each Type could use a similar handling, as they often represent “groups” of things that could use a description, etc. For example, if you have a type “competitor” it would be great to be able to add in some notes, descriptions of what a competitor is for the purpose of this Type, links, etc.

You can use a workaround by housing a Doc in the top area of an App for this need for now, but it’s really not the same as being able to click on the App or Type and open up right there all the information about it.

And since it’s available for Fibery-built apps, really hoping it’s not a lot of work to “unlock” this to apps created from Scratch.

Thanks again!

I get that clicking on the App in the left hand side panel is how to get to the description area (like the existing area for built-in apps) but I’m not sure where a Type description should live. At the moment, there isn’t a true ‘home page’ for types.
Also, there’s clearly some issues with permissions etc. if/when access becomes more granular that just the app level, but the Fibery team will figure that out I’m sure :slight_smile:

Yes eager for the entity (and hopefully Type) level permissions, will be very helpful to get those!