CHANGELOG: December 17 / Share the whole Workspace (beta)

Share the whole Workspace or several connected Apps (beta)

Finally, you can share the whole Fibery Workspace. How it can be useful?

  • You are a consultant and want to quickly setup Fibery for a new customer. You may set up the workspace once, share it and use it to quickly spawn new workspaces via a direct link.
  • You created a solution with several connected Apps and want to share it with the world. You may select several Apps and share them.

What is shared?

Almost everything: types, entities, relations, views, folders, documents, charts, whiteboards.

Can I use this as a workspace backup?

Please don’t. If there are 200+ entities in the workspace and you share all the entities, there is a chance that creating a new workspace from this template will never happen or take hours to complete.

How to see this feature?

Navigate to Apps screen and manually add ?share-workspace into the URL.

Here is the link that includes all Apps shown on the picture above. This is a Workspace for Product Company. You may try it and all Apps should be installed and connected.

Why beta?

There are some minor bugs and the sharing link preview is not there yet (as you see just above this sentence).

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Permissions: Contributors and Editors can change View Filter
  • Performance: Some database optimizations that caused troubles earlier this week
  • Left menu redesign: tooltips get broken
  • Titles are missed and endless loader instead of units in whiteboards and documents extensions
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