[APPROVED] Add "Description" area to apps created from Scratch


When creating an app from Scratch, I’d like to be able to add the third area called “description,” next to “Types” and “Access” that I’m seeing in the pre-loaded apps that are in the App Store. Unless this is something I’m missing, could you add this capability? It would be very useful to have a general overview type area with each app that explains its use to users.

Thanks guys!

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We do have Description area, but it is hidden for apps created by fibery users. We use Description for apps gallery only. However, I think it is good to open this for everybody.


Definitely would love to see that!

Telling the truth, soon this field will be hidden at all.
Our experience showed, that these tabs are not very discoverable, and it is better to add a Document inside an App. Like Readme or smth, and share all the info inside.
Description field will be saved for templates only :slight_smile:

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…but it seems like the perfect place to store an ‘intro’ to the app, and it doesn’t require extra space in the left-hand panel.
Also, every newly created view appears at the top of the list in the app, so any document that is the ‘readme’ gets shuffled down the list each time a new view is added


Hey, I agree with @Chr1sG on this one. My team naturally gravitates to the “App” element on the left menu as this is a highly intuitive navigation that is a fundamental for just about all productivity apps. The concept of “Folder” or “Space” or “Project” or “Tag” etc. etc. is practically universal and very expected I think. Having a big area reserved for the app on the left menu, but then forcing the user to dig in the hierarchy to find a doc or some other element to overview the App is not a natural navigation.

What’s more, the App “home area,” part of what I intended with this post, is about the closest thing right now that resembles a Dashboard in Fibery. There’s been a lot of talk by colleagues @Oshyan and Chris as well about a “home” segment of Fibery you could start out with when you log in, and return to frequently.

All these requests deal with the same issue.

If you guys have some plans around a homepage/dashboard I for one would love to hear it, as for now as closely as I study your twitter, this community, your reddit, blog, etc. I don’t see much discussion of one. That’s one of the reason for all my requests. I will also say that what @mdubakov and team in TargetProcess have to solve this is one of the best solutions I’ve seen on the market. So would love any insight as to whether there are plans to go in that direction.

So in summing up, if there are other plans for some kind of comprehensive Dashboards that go beyond the existing App “homepage” we have now that is where you configure the App, but nothing more, than that would surely satisfy my request. But absent of any info as to your guys’ plans, I am only able to make requests based around known elements of Fibery. The existing App “homepage” is one of them.

I hope that’s useful and keep up the great work!

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Hey, wanted to flag this up again, very glad to see it’s been approved as I’m really seeing a need for this more and more. Both in App and Type descriptions.

I think the best way to illustrate how useful this would be is to compare to the ability to add a description to a Table in Notion, that I’m guessing many Fibery users may also be aware of. As @mdubakov points out correctly in “Fibery vs. Notion” here:

You could draw a comparison with a Database in Notion to a Fibery Type.

Notion really touts in its templates Database set ups with heavy use of a “Description Area” which is basically what we’re talking about in this thread:

I continue to see need for this as my Fibery expands and I add some additional types. It’s very useful for the users in a team to be able to see some background about what this type is for, what’s the reason it’s there, how it relates across the Fibery Workspace. So want to second once more what @Chr1sG is stating here:

in particular the part about every new view floating to the top just under the App name.

And @Oshyan haven’t really heard much from you on this subject, very curious to get your thoughts!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with here, and hope this feedback is useful to your scoping the feature!

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Yeah, I would definitely appreciate having this. But it has not yet been a significant pain point for me.

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