Suggestion for App Dashboard / Hierarchy View from left Menu

Hi Guys,

@mdubakov would love to get your take on whether you guys might think about some view like this as a way to bring some more usability into Fibery for viewing an App Hierarchy?

What I’m suggesting here is allow one of the areas in the App Home area, perhaps a new one called "App Dashboard, where you could display an existing hierarchy with much more detail from the one we have no in the left menu:

I think a great implementation would be similar to what we see in Wrike or TargetProcess - which perhaps you actually developed!, haha. For the benefit of the community here’s what they look like:



And again, for the benefit of the community as I don’t need to tell you guys this :slight_smile:, TargetProcess implementation is even more relevant as you get a hierarchy with actual different columns in each level. That is what I’m hoping for here in Fibery because of the Type customization, since the fields won’t be the same as you move down the hierarchy, whereas in Wrike, which is a more limited system where entities of Tasks and Projects are basically the same, the columns filter down the entire hierarchy. Still, the collaspable/expandable view in Wrike is a basic element of a good hierarchy, so wanted to show that one.

Thanks for the consideration, and eager to hear anything you can offer on what you’re thinking around hierarchy!

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In this place hierarchy view will work only for Admins. We are going to add Hierarchy View in near future (1-2 months).

However we do want to add real data into app settings somehow in future, since people not always get the idea of Types.

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yeah, i think adding sample data on apps will help people understand everything easier. Doing a video for each app and how can be used and customized will also be extremely useful to increase adoption. If most users are like me, they try a few apps in parallel and will end up with the one that helps them accomplish the things they have in mind the easiest.

Michael, thanks for weighing in.

I don’t have a particular opinion about where the Hierarchy View would wind up, I just suggested that area as it’s “open” so-to-speak. But that makes sense I realize now that we are looking at the Admin part of the app - as an Admin, I just take for granted that it’s always there!

If you are willing, could you share if this “hierarchy table” concept that Wrike/TargetProcess are using is the direction you guys are thinking about?

Also occurs to me that hierarchies are relevant on a Type level, and not just App, since you can configure Types to have “sub” items from anywhere in Fibery. You guys have these great Context Views that can be shared by each Type, so maybe you’re thinking about having an additional view called “hierarchy?” Or perhaps just an additional part of the Table view that would allow for it to be expanded?

Sorry for the proliferation of questions, but very eager here as this is a big part missing for my team in Fibery, and since you guys are going to tackle it soon, very curious about what direction your going!

Thanks again!

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I think there are perhaps two distinct concepts being talked about here, and I want to take a moment to differentiate between them and outline an approach that seems to make sense in my mind.

First, we have the current views, settings, etc. for an App. This is accessible from the front-end with the config button to the right of an App in the side menu. This is, as you say, for admins only.

Then, in relation to this you talk about adding “real data into app settings… since people don’t always get the idea of types”. If I understand you correctly you are still talking about views and info only for admins, which I think is not what the original feature request here was about. So here comes my suggestion, which relates back to that.

This brings us to the Second concept, which is what happens when you click on an App in the menu. Well, it just collapses. Personally I think this is not ideal. I like very much being able to collapse them, but I think the collapse function should be separate from a click on the App name itself. Perhaps as a “caret” to the left as with Promoted Entities and Folders, or perhaps on the Right.

Instead of current approach, I would suggest that, just as clicking on a Promoted Entity gives you a view of that entity’s page, clicking on an App could do something similar for front-end users. And that gets us then to some of the ideas that I think @B_Sp is talking about above of making the App “view” have useful content for front-end users, and maybe even act as a “home” for that App’s data and work.

This would harmonize with existing functionality easily, I think, provided you simply move the “collapse” function to its own small button (left or right), and then hide the “Configure” button on Apps for non-admin users.

So, in summary: make Apps clickable to access view of their data/work (maybe “dashboard” for that app?), move “collapse” option left or right into a button. That gets us the “App View” for front-end users. Then you “just” need to figure out what goes into it. :wink:

Same goes for Add “Description” area to apps created from Scratch

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Thanks for this very succinct way of summing up the problem, well said and much better than I could have conveyed! :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to jump back in here and refresh this post as Smart Folders have given some potential great solutions here. In fact I probably should have put this post:

In this thread.

Falling back on the capabilities of Discourse to do some Fibery-esque cross-linking and Highlighting with this incidentally…