Add Documents and Views to Root of Smart Folder

Guys (@rothnic too!), just to add some additional related requests:

I think we are all looking for the ability to build out information around both Apps - the reason for their creation, their history, etc. - and Types.

This is a great point. Often my users want to click the name of an Entity’s Type, say “Ad Partners” (we’re using something similar), and see simply a list of them. This is a very intuitive behavior of apps like Fibery

Right now though, if you want to see a list of ALL Entities in a type, you have to rely on the default creation of a table. And if you move the Type to another app, that table doesn’t follow, so you then lose your “every entity in the Type” default.

And I know this is a huge topic, but just wanted to mention again that Table view is really overdue for some improvements. You guys also talk a lot about Hierarchical View in this thread, and one huge thing I am missing from it is the ability to actually enter data like in a Table. I have found this to be so true @Chr1sG:

I think we need a lot more functionality around these to get them more useful, such as the way hierarchies work in either Wrike or TargetProcess that I documented here:

Hoping to get some movement on all of this soon, thanks!