Bring Smart Folders sorting capabilities to App root view

For our company’s general wiki, which I prefer to build with documents (Views), I would like the sorting capabilities as seen in Smart Folders to have at the App root view level. This way I can ensure that our documents under the App level are automatically sorted, possibly including the (default) folders.

It’s already possible to get a similar result if I built the Wiki of Types for each wiki topic, but I like the larger, full screen document view better for this purpose.

Another solution would be to provide the option to add documents and Views to the Smart Folders. There’s already a community topic on this, but it’s not a suggestion for an idea, so we can’t vote on it: Add Documents and Views to Root of Smart Folder]

Other suggestions that are close but different and why I created a new topic:

Suggestion for App Dashboard / Hierarchy View from left Menu

Filtering “Collections” Sub-entity views - Request, and is it done?

As the user story , our issues too related to wiki due to our user real need is , similar one simple google doc , with larger view sharable users real time collaboration wiki need with version is already frre for team with drive , the google doc become made easy wiki too with comments.The less complexity to make possible full doc view , with easy shared public prive well related to app people role our problems more complex as deep types , relations , entity app unbundled fibery system is beyond many creators that put doc us limited as text only . There is need for fibery wiki app well integrated to team , wiki topics via smart folder , an imporived wiki docs with media embed similar to coda but more inclusive , not for admin only , not inclusive elites , let any learn allowed as user , spread the fibery platforms too . With less knowledge, we are ’re likely to actually give a less useful answer than another one of your teammates can or even worse, give the wrong answer, which wastes teammates time and erodes trust in the knowledge base. Why a small team digital wiki need to be veryy hig price even media public wiki are free , One of the importantant market for fibery platform is @B_Sp is real all user community need too , thanks @B_Sp timely well made not only the problems that prevent even experienced user , but also all related solutions so that @mdubakov do not delay to make poosible next release fibery team easy to use not only creator admin , gurus ,master , but simplified wiki any one with higher education can use during the semester , not 9 days by many, recomend it , help many pay , grow with fiber platform togther too

@Pagandai_V_Pannir_Se Thanks for your feedback, but it was a little hard to read.

What seems to significantly improve Wiki building are the plans I read in Michael’s #34 June blog update, where he shared the following:

We may do even better here, improve connections and information mixing, and transform Fibery into a second brain for teams . Feature-wise it will lead to Entity View / Documents re-design with Blocks, new navigation patterns to explore connections quickly, and new collaboration patterns, like Chat in Fibery.

By the way, @mdubakov regarding chat in Fibery, I really hope we can keep the option to continue chatting in Slack and get the same features that we’re going to get in Fibery Chat. Slack does so many things right that it seems difficult to build now a better chat platform in this current (early) phase of Fibery.

I really like the second brain approach, which I read more about in the March 2021 essay blog: Augmenting Organizational Intelligence

I think we’ll not jump into Chat feature this year, but will focus on Blocks, Links and Navigation more.


@mdubakov What do you suggest where we as a community can discuss the Entity View/Documents re-design and share my input?

We are going to post our ideas around Blocks and Entity View/Docs redesign in about 2 weeks, but so far just create a separate post

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@mdubakov Hi Michael, I created a new post about the subject which you can read here: Blocks and Entity View/Docs redesign