Ability for admins to make notes when building Apps, or App Activity stream

Hey guys,

I continue to have a need to be able to track what I’m doing as I work in my Apps as an admin and build them out. What I have to do now is write notes separately elsewhere, as a sort of “changelog” to myself of what I changed, such as:

  • Renamed a Type, and why I did that
  • adjusted relations, what is the reason
  • some notes to users on how to use the App.

In theory I can create a Doc that is in the App, but this is a workaround and doesn’t really “sit” at the App-level. I’d love to be able to use this area for all of that: Write my own overview and details, maybe even embed stuff - I hesitate to say - ala Notion or Coda. And it would be great if there was an Activity stream with a list of what was done. I assume you guys track this in your underlying dB, so hopefully you can simply expose this as a future feature!

Related to this request:

@Chr1sG and @Jean and any others, would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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FWIW, I do think it might be useful to be able to edit the App description as a means to record the intentions for its functionality, but I’m not too bothered about that.
I have no need to record a changelog, since I am actually using Fibery to build up functionality where I already have a fairly clear vision of what I want to achieve.
For notes on how to use the App, I tend to use a document in the app as an internal Wiki page. I’m not sure why you say that it doesn’t really sit at the App level? I mean, the docs can’t be moved to other Apps (at least that’s not yet supported, don’t know if it’s in the backlog).

Thanks @Chr1sG.

My main need here is the intuition of my team. The App as a whole has a sort of “homepage” feel built in:

  • It’s the top level item in the left menu
  • When you click on it, I think there is a natural expectation to see some info about it, a Dashboard of sorts.

This also brings up that I’ve felt a need for a central area for users to easily be able to view the entirety of the contents of both an entire App, and individual Types. Now, if you don’t make sure to include a view that has that info, you won’t be able to see that. I know that each entity gets its own table, but again they are not intuitive and can get easily lost in the left menu depending on what else you have in there. And right now there is no way at all to see all of an App’s entities together.

TargetProcess had some terrific of these Dashboard-type views, so my hope remains that the Fibery team will follow that precedent, perhaps even wowing us with something better! But for now, this is a big piece I am missing.


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