References to Views as a way to emulate Embedded Db's in Notion

Chris, astute comment as usual (and I don’t hate you, haha…need to respond to that one but I am a big fan of buttons…). Anyway, you are hitting on another need I have - more definition around those areas. Re: Apps a lot of that we covered here:

I think Types should also have some sort of Homepage. I am onboarding three new people this week, and it’s awkward to explain what a Type is without the ability to have some information around them. And I think we really need a sort of “home” of a Type where you can simply see all the Entities in a Type, period. Now, you have to fall back on the auto-generated default Table, which will actually not “follow” the Type if you move it between Apps, which I do frequently.

So yes, you are hitting on a range of needs around what I’d call “completing” the structure around all the piece of Fibery!