Index References in Search

I’d like to request that References in Entities also be included in the Search results. This is closely related to the inclusion of references for non-Entity items like Views, Docs, Whiteboards in Fibery:

One particular use case is we use views as a way to represent sub-groups of Entities, in particular if we are using a single drop-down to tag certain Entities, then set up a view including only the Entities in that drop down. An example is we have many types of meetings - Stand Ups, Weekly Reviews, Sprint Demo, etc. So in order to see only those meetings among our Meeting Type, we use a drop-down single select and tag the groups of meetings according.

Now, in order to refer to my Stand Ups anywhere in Fibery, I will “#” the View that is a filtered table or board of the Meeting Type which has the drop down “Stand Up” selected.

What if I want to see when I mentioned in another entity something about Stand Ups? I could do this if the reference was indexed and I could search on that.