Space Sharing -

Yes loving the support for this @Chr1sG and @cannibalflea:

This is a key piece I’m missing to try to get the Apps to work more as a “home” for the part of my business that I’m using the App for. There is a ton of potential here, if we could add in links and so forth. I also think each Type could use a similar handling, as they often represent “groups” of things that could use a description, etc. For example, if you have a type “competitor” it would be great to be able to add in some notes, descriptions of what a competitor is for the purpose of this Type, links, etc.

You can use a workaround by housing a Doc in the top area of an App for this need for now, but it’s really not the same as being able to click on the App or Type and open up right there all the information about it.

And since it’s available for Fibery-built apps, really hoping it’s not a lot of work to “unlock” this to apps created from Scratch.

Thanks again!