Staging environment for API integration testing

Hello, nice people!

I have a question: how are you testing your integration with Fibery via API? Do you use the same environment for keeping the main knowledge base?

We are a small startup (Remy Robotics). We use Fibery as a knowledge base, progress tracker and incidents management system. For incidents, we have integration which allows us to create, change status and mark them as resolved.

Before we used a separate workspace for integration testing with a free account but not a long time ago that became impossible as there is no possibility to create the workspace and use it for free.

I will be very thankful for any support and suggestions!

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Why not just create a new space called “Integration Testing” with whatever databases you need to test with?

Good question! The main reason is that we generally try not to mix “production” credentials with the test ones. However, it may be a solution, you are right.

You can also create another workspace, call it remy-robotics-sandbox and move there all the structure (with no data) from your production workspace. There you can safely experiment.
You can ping us via intercom - and we will be able to set infinite pro plan for that workspace so you didn’t have any limitations for experimenting :slight_smile: