October 2020 digest


It’s great to see the progress with this system in such challenging times.

I’m just wondering if there are any plans to implement a testing \ QA app for it?

Thanks for the Oct update. Quick comment: I think the GIF for ‘Set formula for the Name field’ is not what you meant to include - seems to be a copy of the one used for ‘New Search for # (insert entity) operation’

Does this help at all?

If not, what would you want a testing/QA app to include?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for sharing that, the concept looks good.
Is there any instance of a test plan included in the design, similar to within Targetprocess?

It adds an extra step to the test execution where a Test Plan Run is executed and it contains Test Case Runs for each test case in the test plan.

I’m not a TargetProcess user (I requested a trial, but was told that I am not ‘enterprise level’ enough!) so I don’t know exactly how a test plan is defined.
I’m guessing that a Test Plan is a collection of Test Cases, and when run, generates Test Executions for each of the Test Cases. Is that right?
If so, then I think I could probably add that functionality.

Is there an equivalent container for the Test Executions? Maybe a Test Run is a collection of Test Executions corresponding to a set of Test Cases that are in a Test Plan?

Yes, that’s it in a nutshell.

I have to create a Test Plan Run to start with, then execute each test case in the Test Plan and in turn execute each Test Step for each Test Case

I will show you an example, I have 2 test plans under a development ( which is a collection of user stories / use cases )

Development / Test Plans

You can see 2 test plan runs for the test plan

1 test failed on the first run and 1 was on hold
The 4 tests passed on the second run

I didn’t set up any test steps on this example, I just wanted to indicate the test plan / test case relationship

Perhaps we should migrate this discussion to the App page.
I will reply there :slight_smile:

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Adrian, good to see you showing some of the TP stuff directly in here for those of us not familiar with TP. I loved some of the way they handled stuff in there, in particular Test Case Management and with this example, you are also showing how they handled Hierarchical View, which I reference one of the many discussions right here below:

And the main reason I wanted to jump in here is I can’t help but responding to you @Chr1sG on this point:

My trials with TP took place over the last year and 1/2, and I have to say I was annoyed of late when they moved to that model, so you basically can forget about getting in there anymore! I think it would be great if some of us evangelist/power users of Fibery could poke around in there and see how @mdubakov handled some of the stuff highly requested, particularly by myself :slight_smile:, as there are great implementations. Who knows what’s behind their switch and I’m not trying to start any controversy, but I had the very same experience a few months ago so I had to follow-on as you’ve clearly had the same - especially as you and I discussed earlier that you and @Oshyan may give it a shot (sorry can’t locate that thread it was probably off topic as we typically get to chatting around here)…

Thanks guys!

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